Kimono Dresses Influence Western Couture

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Believe it or not the traditional Japanese kimono dresses have influenced western couture as some designer shave used the T-shape construction of Kimono dresses to create and design smock dresses or coat dresses but that’s not the only area where kimono dresses take a part on the western life.

There are a lot of robes today on sale available at leading boutiques and department stores that have bath robes inspired the Japanese Kimono dresses. Bearing almost the same prints and art form on the robe and also following the structure although it may not be as grand as a real Kimono since these Kimono dresses are extremely delicate and are considered to be an art form in Japan. These robes that are inspired from kimono dresses are only for use in the bathroom or inside the house.

It was an age-old lifestyle of women in Japan to always in a Kimono whether they are inside or outside but things have drastically changed and you could see women in Japan rarely in a kimono as the western culture had their influences on them as well but there are women in rural areas who still follow this tradition though big cities like Tokyo will have rare sights of this wonderful lifestyle for women.

A yukata on the other hand is a summer kimono or is a light kimono that most women wear during warm weathers as their fabric is thinner and it is lighter than the traditional kimono. Most women prefer to wear them when purchasing kimonos. The traditional kimono is used for tea ceremonies or celebratory occasion.

There are kimonos for men and kimonos for women but women are the ones who commonly wear them. Colorful silk kimonos are worn also as lounge wear or as robes in resort vacation spots by a lot of westerners. There are also kimonos for weddings and these are the ones that are usually passed down from generation to generation but it was a sort of tradition that one must be able to purchase a kimono wedding dress in order to actually get married. These kimonos are very expensive and take millions.

Just like anything in Japan, kimonos have been taken as an art form, which made the collection of these stylish high-quality robes a past time for some.
The accessibility of these dresses are also easier today with the help of the internet as one does not have to be in Japan to actually purchase genuine kimono dresses.

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Kimono Dresses Influence Western Couture

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Kimono Dresses Influence Western Couture

This article was published on 2011/10/05